How to Be More Patient with Money


Money makes the world go round, and some people want to be earning lots of it in as little time as possible. Although this is understandable, earning good money and being more careful with it takes long-term patience and hard work. If you’re serious about having more respect for your money, here are some of the best ways to avoid neglecting it.

Buy Items Outright Instead of on Finance

It’s so easy to buy anything these days — even if you can’t outright avoid it. Finance and loan options mean that anything new which you need can often be delivered the next working day, and leave you thinking about actually paying for it later.

However, taking the time to save up for a new item not only teaches you better patience, but it’ll actually be considerably more rewarding when you can finally make the purchase, knowing you waited, saved and avoided debt.

Nevertheless, debt can often be unavoidable; you can always find help from an attorney for a debt lawsuit if you find yourself in that situation.

Avoid Buying Impulsively

Impulse buying is the best way to fritter away your finances. Impulse buying may seem like a great idea at the time, but down the line you may wonder why you bought those items at all — and your bank account won’t thank you for it.

Teach yourself to think twice about impulse purchases, and always take the time to consider anything before you make the purchase, even if it’s small and frivolous — especially if it’s small and frivolous.

Set Up Automatic Savings Transactions

Even if you are disciplined enough to successfully put a chunk of money into your savings every month, the hard part is watching your money build up. You may be dreaming of having a substantial amount in your savings but watching it barely increase as the months go buy can be frustrating for some.

You’ll need to have a lot of patience to wait for your savings to grow, and the best way to do this is to have everything automated so you can forget about it. Watching it and checking regularly will only make you more impatient.

Set up an automatic standing order for your savings accounts so that it’s being taken each month without you even noticing. Avoid checking any savings accounts regularly and let it do its work in the background.

The next time you look you should be pleasantly surprised by how much it has built up.

Reward Yourself

You’re less likely to let your savings grow if you’re severely restricting yourself from any treats or rewarding purchases. Saving money doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from all luxuries. Make sure that you reward yourself regularly, whether it’s a small shopping trip, a new purchase or even just a takeaway. This means you’ll be less likely to become resentful towards your savings — and less likely to dip into it after a bad day. Deciding on a set amount you can comfortably save every month means you know how much money you have left spare to treat yourself.


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