What Do Healthcare Professionals Want from Their Employers?


Whether you run a medical or dental practice, a clinic, home care company or any other kind of business that employs medical professionals and healthcare staff, understanding what these employees want from their employers will help you ensure that you always have the best team working for you. Today, the healthcare industry is booming and well-trained, experienced healthcare professionals in almost every field are enjoying increasing levels of demand. Because of this, it’s never been more important for healthcare employers to up their game when it comes to what they can offer their employees. The better the job and work environment, the more likely it is to attract the top talent. Here are some of the main things that today’s healthcare professionals want from their employers.

1. Competitive Salary

Although many healthcare professionals didn’t choose their career path for the money, there’s no doubt that a competitive salary is going to be up on the top of the priority list for many. After all, if you could be paid more for doing the same work elsewhere, then it makes sense to take the job offer that is going to pay you more. Whilst you may not be able to offer the highest salary, ensuring that you’re not paying below the average and either meet or exceed expectations is a good start. Check out SalarySite.com for more information on what healthcare professionals earn.

2. Progression Opportunities

Most healthcare professionals don’t start their career hoping to stay in exactly the same position that they were in when they started. And, with many opportunities for progression and career expansion in the healthcare industry, it’s vital that employers don’t deny their employees the chance to move up the career ladder whilst working for them. Even if you’re only running a small medical business, offering opportunities for further learning, such as investing in training courses for your employees that may help them take on higher roles in the future, can enable you to become a more attractive employer.

3. A Voice

Although this is true of many industries outside of healthcare, one of the main things that your medical employees will want is a voice that is heard and listened to within their workplace. As an employer, it’s important to ensure that your employees know that their opinions and views are valued when it comes to ways to improve their working day and make workplace processes better for everybody. Encouraging open communication and doing your best to take employee views on board will make your business a happier place to be for all.

4. Recognition

Lastly, healthcare employees work extremely hard, so it’s important to recognize and celebrate them for this. Whilst many medical professionals are extremely unselfish people who do their jobs merely for the joy of being able to help others, showing them how much you appreciate their services with employee perks and even just a heartfelt ‘thank you’ when needed can go a very long way.

If you are a healthcare employee, what is the main thing that you want from your employer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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