How a Good Office Atmosphere Improves Productivity


No matter how big or small your company, the office environment plays a huge part in the success of the business. It is likely the place where workers and colleagues will put in the most hours, so it needs to be a location they enjoy spending time in.

Having an uncomfortable and unhealthy office atmosphere will negatively impact upon the business. On the other hand, a fantastic office atmosphere will boost productivity and help the business grow.


Like how the layout of a bar can create a welcoming or nasty atmosphere, the same is true of the office design. There is nothing appealing about sitting at a desk, facing a wall with everyone set out in a grid formation. It does nothing positive for worker creativity or motivation.

Studies have shown that workers with a view spend 15% more time on primary tasks than those without. Install green plants which provide colour but also filter the air and can be placed on desks or elsewhere. Colours are important too as they bring out emotional reactions in us. Orange, yellow, red, blue and green all bring out positive qualities.


Having an appropriate chair that keeps your back straight is good for your health, but also productivity. Being laid back and too comfortable has a detrimental effect. Many offices are now using standing desks and have meeting rooms without chairs. These speed up meetings, but it’s good to have sitting options available.

The temperature affects work rate as too warm an office can lead to drowsiness while too cold can divert concentration away from the work at hand. Pure Air Conditioning can help with keeping an even temperature that keeps workers content. Of course some people feel the cold more than others, so allow colleagues to choose where they are based to keep them comfortable.


There’s nothing worse than being sat underneath a buzzing fluorescent light tube. Not only is the sound distracting but the yellow glare it pumps out can be counterproductive. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light is far more beneficial in the workplace.

If there are no windows then installing full-spectrum tubes is a viable alternative. They emit a balanced spectrum of light which is the closest thing to natural light you can get indoors. This decreases eye fatigue (which is especially important when working with computers all day), reduces stress, glares and improves your overall mood.


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