Why It’s a Good Idea to Do a Background Check on Employees


There are some processes that are essential in the recruitment process. While you can learn a lot about a candidate through interviews, there are some cases when only a background check will be able to tell you the full story. Some may think that their gut feeling is enough to judge a good hire from a bad one, but there are many reasons why you should at least run a background check for good measure. Here are some of the reasons you should screen any potential employee before you hire them.

It Might Reveal Hidden Criminal History

You can ask beforehand if a particular applicant has had some issues with the law in the past. And they can lie all the same. Running a background check will give you the full picture about the applicant’s criminal history. In some cases, you could find out that the job could make them unreliable or even a liability.

For instance, there are a few VA hospitals under investigation at the moment due to a string of drug theft that could’ve been facilitated by staff members. In that instance, more thorough background checks could’ve screened out potential thieves.

In other cases, the offenses might not be serious and may not interfere with the job’s function. If that is the case, not only should that not be a reason to dismiss the applicant, but it could also be against the law to do so. So, if you do find out some minor issue that has no relation with the job, do not use it against the applicant.

You Could Spot Minor Infractions That Could Interfere with Their Functions

You could also spot some non-criminal infractions that could affect your view of the applicant. For instance, a bad credit report could tell you more about the applicant’s sense of responsibility. A shoddy driving record could be an issue if driving is involved. Even minor infractions can tell you a lot about someone’s character, and the more information you have, the clearer the profile you will get.

Allows You to Perform Due Diligence and Limit Liability

Performing your due diligence is not only a way to protect yourself and your staff from delinquent employees, but it also protects you from liability lawsuits as well. Say for instance that you happen to hire someone for a truck driving position. The person ends up at the center of a major accident. If the police find that you didn’t conduct your due diligence on the employee, you might eventually be accountable. And this could be worse if there are some aggravating factors like driving under the influence. So, background checks are essential if you want to protect yourself from a legal standpoint as well.

As you can see, background checks are not something you should be taking lightly. They are a great way to weed out employees that could be a liability to your staff and business, allow you to get a clearer profile of the applicant and protect you from potential lawsuits as well.


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