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CCleaner definitely has more than a few people who are satisfied with what they bring to the table, but they are not the only option when it comes to disk cleanup software. In fact, there are now more competitors than ever before, and some people will benefit significantly from alternatives.

When critically looking at CCleaner, we first cover what they get right. There are then a few areas where they come up short. Others such as System Mechanic® from iolo are solutions that can come in handy for those wanting a more well-rounded option overall. Those unsure on exactly what their computer may need can benefit significantly from having a complete solution in the same price range.


What CCleaner gets right


CCleaner comes in a few different options and price ranges, including free. A lot of companies follow this pricing structure, including iolo. When comparing, it is unfair to look at the free version of CCleaner and compare it to premium solutions, so all comparisons keep their best version in mind.

For a utility to have this level of success, CCleaner must do some things very well. Here is what they get right.



As one of the older companies with a solid reputation, CCleaner is a name that a lot of people trust. They have done an excellent job of making sure that their reputation stays strong, even through highs and lows.

When Avast took over CCleaner, the software company made sure to do as much as possible to keep loyal customers around. The registry cleaner already had a solid reputation in the industry, and having Avast behind it was viewed as a positive. It can be tricky for companies to switch around too much, but everything is mostly the same.

The layout and overall design of CCleaner is also very familiar to those who have used it for a while. Those who used it for a computer in the past will instantly recognize how to navigate everything on their newer computer. There is no need to vary too much from something people are familiar with already, and CCleaner keeps customers around in that regard.

Helping out all platforms

One of the tricky things for system and registry cleaning tools is finding a way to help out individuals using different operating systems. A lot of competitors going up against CCleaner might have their own Windows solution, but they do not have one for MacOS or Android. iolo System Mechanic is only compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, for example.

It is very convenient for CCleaner to pick up additional recommendations by offering solutions for different operating systems. Even if they might not all operate the same, if a user has a positive experience on Windows, they are still going to recommend them to a MacOS user.

Many different features

CCleaner, and specifically CCleaner Professional Plus, offers some outstanding features that can enhance a computer in a variety of ways. While a lot of options are just going to do a scan and delete unnecessary files, it takes more than that to get a computer running effectively and keeping it going.

The most significant bonus feature is that CCleaner comes bundled with Recuva. This is a program that allows people to bring deleted files back to life if something does go wrong. It is an excellent option to have if a scan does not go exactly as planned, as no one wants to be in a situation where they lose a valuable file.

The Defraggler professional edition also comes in handy as one of the better hard drive defragmenters out there. People can get their hard drive situated and running as effectively as possible by using this tool. It is something that people do not understand the importance of until they go through the process.

Finally, Speccy Professional Edition can keep a user very informed with how their computer is performing every single day. It might not seem like it is necessary to stay up-to-date with how a computer is working, but identifying a problem early can keep issues from really stocking up. Keeping an eye on the CPU, RAM, and the motherboard really makes a difference.

Why CCleaner might not be the best option

There is no doubt the CCleaner is a decent choice, but this is what a user should be using instead to have a more well-rounded solution. Downloading iolo System Mechanic gives people a lot of additional tools that can help, as well as a more efficient cleaning of the registry from the beginning.

What are the major flaws of CCleaner that a person should look out for? These are a few of the main reasons why an alternative should be considered.

Complicated pricing


CCleaner is a very enticing option when looking at the free version. A brand name with a free registry cleaner seems too good to be true, and for the most part, that is precisely the case. While the utility in its free form is going to help to a certain degree, it is not going to have anything near the same capabilities of iolo System Mechanic, or any other premium option out there.

The Professional Plan is the starting point for a lot of people, but that jumps up to a hefty retail price of $24.95. It gives more tools as far as computer cleaning is concerned, as well as system monitoring in real-time. A person can put everything on autopilot and have a lot treated on a computer, which is nice.

The final version is the one that stacks up most closely to iolo System Mechanic. For $39.95 retail, a user gets all of the features with the Professional Plan, plus a few standalone apps that further help with speeding a computer up. These are not all listed under the CCleaner umbrella, but a user can count on them to make some changes to the computer so that it operates as it should.

Limited licensing

Not too many people are aware of the licensing issues that they are about to run into with the clear. This is a major problem to this day, and one of the reasons why there are better alternatives out there. It might seem pretty affordable to get CCleaner Professional Pro, but it starts to add up if a user needs to use it on more than one computer.

With each installation of CCleaner on the computer, a user must purchase a brand new license. This starts to add up and become a huge problem for people who are in a household with multiple computers. This seems to be a limitation that deserves change at some point, but they are sticking with this structure for now.

Malware issues

It has been a few years now since CCleaner, as well as the software company Avast, were infected with Floxif malware. It was terrible timing for the company as they looked to hit the ground running with CCleaner under their control. Even if it is a problem that should not give them direct blame, it still puts a lot of doubt in the minds of many.

The last thing that any company wants to deal with is an issue that could make people question their safety by downloading. It is something they fight against every single day, and they seem to be constantly proving themselves to show that they are past it.

Real-time system monitoring

It is great to stay on top of any issues that might be putting a computer at risk. The real-time system monitoring built into CCleaner helps out tremendously. People learn early on if there is an issue detected, and having that protection around the clock gives people a lot of peace of mind.

A lot of alternatives are starting to build into their software what CCleaner offers. iolo has something very similar in their System Mechanic product, including even options where a user can decide to manage the programs that launch when booting up to prevent slowdown from apps you can’t always even see are running in the first place.

Using Windows disk cleanup tool instead of CCleaner


Some people feel like they get a good amount of positive results just by using the disk cleanup tool that is included with Windows. This tool allows people to have a pretty standard option built right into their computer. For computers that are pretty new and do not have a lot of unwanted data piled up, it is worth running to keep things fresh.

CCleaner still receives the benefit of the doubt as they make it so much easier to do a system-wide cleanup. Other scanners work better as well, although it is nice to see that Windows has some useful built-in tools. People are being more mindful than ever of collecting junk files on their computer.

Suites that have a lot of different tools to lean on blow the disk cleanup tool out of the water when doing a direct comparison. Windows has a few tools scattered on the computer, but it can be hard to find and utilize compared to download like CCleaner or System Mechanic.

What makes System Mechanic the better tuneup utility overall?

While a lot of people can benefit from using Ccleaner, iolo offers the best comprehensive solution that can handle most Windows problems thrown its way. For CCleaner users, there might be instances where they need to download another tool or try another method, but iolo tries to solve everything under one comprehensive suite of award-winning tools.

Modern, sleek design

It might not seem like this would matter all that much, but there is something about having a very easy to use solution when trying to clean up an entire computer. The whole process can feel a little overwhelming for some users. One of the main complaints of CCleaner right out of the gate is that it looks a bit old and tough to navigate.

Elimination of tedious downloading

CCleaner offers a lot of different features, but what people do not realize until they get into it is that some of these features are included in separate downloads. This can be very frustrating when compared to other options that have everything included with one, initial download.

With System Mechanic, every tool is available from the very beginning. CCleaner separates the downloads because they do not want what they offer to be too big of an initial download, but one way to get around that is to reduce the overall size. Instead, CCleaner itemizes things a bit too much for some people’s liking.


CCleaner users become very frustrated when they find out that each purchase comes with just one license. That means if a person wants to use the cleaner on their significant other’s computer, they have to make a brand new purchase.

For System Mechanic, it is about protecting the entire home. That is why they offer unlimited licenses for private users, meaning that purchasing just one license covers all the PCs in the home. This makes it a huge value for bigger families who have a ton of devices in need of cleanup.

 Anti-malware options

No computer owner wants to deal with any malware potentially putting their computer. CCleaner does not currently offer any anti-malware options through their utility. They also do not offer antivirus protection, which means that there is an added expense for those who want it.

With System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, antivirus and anti-malware protection is built-in. This is great news for people who want to have everything in one place on the computer. It is one thing to clean a computer up, but keeping it clean is part of the process as well. As a computer gets older and older, taking the steps, in the beginning, makes a lot of sense.

 Ultimate results

The most significant selling factor for System Mechanic over CCleaner is perhaps the simple fact that it produces better results. The scans are deeper from the beginning, and that means that any problematic or unused files rise to the forefront from the very beginning. A more in-depth initial scan makes everything else that much easier to handle.

Tests show that better booting time and the overall speed of a computer are enhanced with System Mechanic more than CCleaner. Both are going to make improvements, but System Mechanic does a better job of showing meaningful results.

Do other CCleaner alternatives make sense?


From a premium perspective, System Mechanic is the way to go. However, some solid free options also make sense as far as CCleaner alternatives are concerned. Some of these only work for some very small issues popping up on a computer, but they make sense to a certain degree if a person is extremely limited in funds.

Advanced SystemCare

Wise Registry Cleaner


Registry Repair


 Is going with an alternative to CCleaner the best option?

CCleaner still has plenty of loyal fans, but there are better all-around options for enhancing a computer and tuning things up. System Mechanic is a perfect solution for people who want to not only clean a computer up, but keep it running well for years to come. They continually add new features to the suite to make sure that customers are satisfied at all times. It takes a proactive approach to keep computers clean, secure, and operating at high efficiency.

There are more than just these two options out there as well, as people have had success using other tuneup utilities. No matter what option a user ultimately decides on, keep an open mind and do not be afraid to try out other options if one falls short. A lot of people who give iolo System Mechanic a try for the first time will be convinced enough to stick with the paid version. In the grand scheme of things, it is a small price to pay for results.



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