Free Website Building Options for Small Business Owners


If you want to reach a wider audience, then you should definitely use the Internet – it is the fastest way to get new potential clients. Actually, most businesses are using this technique, simply because it is the easiest. If you own a small to medium sized business and you don’t have a website – it is high time for you to reconsider your thinking. The Internet is an amazing place for companies and people who are looking for new opportunities. Within the next few lines you will find everything you need to know about setting up a free website for your business and making your company even more successful. Here are some of our ideas and offers.

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WordPress – Get a Free Website Anytime

When it comes to blogging platforms WordPress is definitely the most popular. However, the best part is it can be used for many more things rather than just blogging. Thanks to the wide variety of templates and available plugins you can turn your WordPress site into everything you need – starting from simple static information pages to an ecommerce platform. Listing services, products, making online payments – all this is extremely easy and you do not have to be a coder to set everything up. On the other hand – it will take some time and it will not be ready instantly, but the final result will be really good.

The first decision you will have to make is whether or not to use the hosting or use a dedicated hosting. Keep in mind that the hosting is free, so you will not have to pay anything. It is good for testing ideas. However, the negative side here is it is pretty limited and you will not be able to use lots of plugins, templates, etc. Due to this reason we strongly recommend you to find a good hosting that will meet your needs. If you are willing to spend 10-15$/year you will be able to find a good provider. Another great feature of using a dedicated hosting is the fact you will have full control over your site and you will be able to install unlimited number of templates/plugins in order to improve the look and performance of your site.

Free Website Builders

In case you do not enjoy the idea of WordPress – don’t worry – there are lots of other free website builders that can be used. The final result will most probably suffice your needs in terms of design and functionality, as long as you do not expect something really complicated. Such website builders are IM Creator, Site2you,, etc. However, according to our humble opinion, the best builder is IM Creator and in the next few lines you will find out why.

IM Creator: Complete Website Builder for Free

Compared to other website builders, IM Creator has lots of advantages but the thing that will catch your attention for sure is its design and simplicity. Thanks to the user interface you will not have to know anything about programming – it is really easy to use all the available tools and create a really great-looking and functional website. The HTML editor features drag and drop interface which makes the website creation information even easier. You will also have access to wide range of other tools that are extremely handy.

Last but not least – the IM Creator services are completely free. You will get 50MB storage and subdomain which comes with unlimited templates and traffic. If you feel like those conditions are not your cup of tea, then you can always go for premium or pro plans that will allow custom domain names, unique templates, unlimited storage, email accounts and many more. Overall, this website builder is probably the best decision you can take in case you don’t feel like spending money on programmers. We can ensure you that you will not be disappointed with the final result.



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