How Ethical and Innovative Practices Can Gain Press and Free Publicity


Free publicity can be found everywhere, the only thing that a person, company, or organisation needs to do in order to achieve it is to be newsworthy. You don’t need to resort to publicity stunts and cheap tricks, either. Instead, you could simply focus on moving towards the future. Being innovative, and doing something different that ensures that your business profits more, is something that will be talked about.

There are hundreds if not thousands of news agencies that are desperate to stay on top of industry news, and by being innovative, you’re sure to be mentioned.
In business, however, bad press is not good press. You don’t get credit for being the talk of the town if your shares drop and your customers boycott you. That is why, especially in this day and age, you need to be transparent, you need to be innovative, and you need to be ethical. Even the simplest practices, if done for the right reasons, can gain media coverage simply because your competition isn’t doing it.

Ethical and innovative practices are the way forward. They are how you can turn what you might have thrown away into a secondary or tertiary source of income. For instance, Smithfield Foods has optimised their production, using as much of the by-product as possible. Uneaten parts of the animal are used for anything from dog treats to fertiliser, to even lifesaving medicine. Their dedication to helping humankind at large is further exemplified by the fact that they have even established a dedicated department, to help learn how pig organs can be used to save lives.

This is not only a great move for humanity, it is also incredibly profitable. Instead of having to pay to get rid of these unwanted by-products, they have instead found industries that will pay for them.

Global warming isn’t just a spook tactic anymore. The global populace not only believes but feels the effect of the strain that we have put on our planet. That is why companies need to do their part to ensure that their practices are ethical and sustainable. Using every part of the animal you package is one such practice, but there are others for every industry.

A huge stance that your company can take, especially if it is a small-to-medium business that employs within your country of origin, is the issue of a living wage. Exploiting overseas workers only fuels fire to the pollution, corruption, and sub-standard living conditions in developing nations. If the majority can barely afford to eat, then how can they demand cleaner air or water?

The news are on the watch for companies that are doing their part of a better tomorrow, but you can further that publicity by publishing your own findings. Be an industry leader in terms of your business practices, regarding your values, and regarding setting the bar for how other companies should act. You will gain the love of the media, of the people, and your profits will soar. You will gain organic traffic, become a household name, and your search engine ranking will improve immensely.


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