Content marketing tips for Small Businesses


Content marketing continues to be an integral part of attracting customers to your website. Content marketing allows you to tailor content to the needs and interests of your customers. It provides businesses with an opportunity to convey their brand and build trust amongst their audience.

A good content strategy will depend on research. Content must suit the needs of the customers you are aiming to target. Research should consider the interests of your target audience, identify the questions they have, what influences them and what type of content will be best suited.

The following content marketing tips will help you get started in creating great content for your website.

Content marketing tips for Small Businesses

1. Brainstorm content ideas

First stage to creating great content will be to spend time brainstorming content ideas. Do your research first and identify what type of content your consumers really need. Talk to customers and research on line. Look for any gaps in the market for content ideas.

2. Found out what your customers need

If you know your customer’s needs then you will be able to create good content that your customers will read and even better may actually share. Interview or ask your customers for feedback. Review feedback to find out what questions are frequently asked. Once you have this information, you will have a clear picture of what type of content you need to create.

3. Share your content

Once you have created your great content, getting this out to your audience will be the next stage. Use social media to drive engagement and share your content with other audiences. Identify channels to share your content so it gets out to a wider audience. Look at how other companies online are distributing their content online.

4. Make your content more engaging

  • Photos and Images

Include photos and images to help make your content more visual and engaging. can be a great tool for finding

  • Videos

Include videos in your content to help make your content more engaging with your audience. Create your own video or use sites like people per hour or where you can find people to help produce your videos for you.

  • Downloads

Users like content that is downloadable such as guides and resources in pdf format. Create a guide that can be downloaded

  • Include Links

Having outbound links to other valuable sources of content can help your audience. Look for other valuable sources of information that you can link to in your resource.

5. Create a landing page

Why not maximise your content with a dedicated landing page. This could be in the form of a guide. You will need to ensure that you have optimised your page using SEO and that your pager can be easily found on your website. Creating a link to your page in the sidebar or footer of website can help with this.


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