Click and Collect is the Future of Retail


Click and Collect

Whilst online shoppers were once plagued by the dreaded ‘sorry, we missed you’ card dropping through their front door, fast forward to 2013 and we’re seeing a revolutionary new service becoming more and more common in the e-commerce industry: click and collect. This game-changing service allows consumers to opt to drop by a collection point, either in-store or elsewhere, and collect their parcel themselves, rather than wait for a courier service to deliver it three days later.

Your Solution to Failed Deliveries

If you’re struggling with the hassle of dealing with failed deliveries, then a click and collect service could be the answer. Even if your business is solely e-commerce and you don’t have a retail location, you can still provide a click and collect service for your customers. Rather than picking a package up in store, you can have your packages sent to newsagents and even petrol stations to be picked up by your customers.

A Positive Consumer Experience

The fact that they have more control over their shopping experience will reflect positively on your company, and you’ll see the results as they’re more likely to shop online with you again. Many management software packages are starting to incorporate this service into their solutions, so if it’s something that could change your business for the better, check out

Driving Customers Back onto the High Street

If your business has a retail store, allowing consumers to collect their item free of charge at the store drives custom back onto the high street. When shopping online, your customers are more likely to just choose what they need and pay, whereas if they’re in your store, they’re likely to be more tempted to make additional purchases. Customers who may have shopped solely online will be brought into your store by your click and collect service, and this should improve business on the high street, although many think it will be short lived.


Mobile commerce is the next level of internet shopping, and it’s set to grow alongside the developments in mobile technologies. If you want to stay one step ahead, you should create a mobile-friendly version of your website for faster loading speeds, and even think about following in the footsteps of high street giants like ASOS and create an app. One thing is for sure, click and collect is just the beginning of the developments we’re going to see over the next few years in e-commerce.


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