Blogging Mistakes to Avoid making like the Plague


Blogging is a great tool at your company’s disposal in terms of SEO, talking about your products and services, and generally just connecting with your customers on a more personal level.

However, there are some mistakes you should definitely avoid making when it comes to writing and updating your blog, so we’ve listed some of the main ones to help you along the way to creating and keeping a successful and interesting blog.

Writing for search engines and SEO only

Not knowing your audience is a massive mistake to make when you’re writing a blog, and similar to this, you should also avoid writing your posts solely with a search engine or SEO credits in mind. If you don’t write for a real person, your posts will reflect that and will appear unnatural; which will also be a problem for the likes of Google anyway.

Talking about yourself too much

Your readers will obviously like to learn more about you and your life, but talking about yourself too much without talking about much else will look a little self-indulgent on your part. Be sure to talk about a range of subjects and various things that will interest your readers as well as giving them an insight into your own life.

Writing posts for the sake of it

Many bloggers feel a certain pressure to produce lots of content, especially daily. However, this is not necessary. It’s much better to craft one or two really good pieces of content a week rather than struggling to come up with a post every day. When you are struggling to find new ideas, it’s a good idea to include some guest posts from different authors, too.

Being complicated too often

Talking about complex subjects is useful, especially if you regard yourself as an industry expert. However, it’s important to keep things varied and to also include some topics with a lighter subject so that your blog isn’t too ‘fact-heavy’ and overbearing to the readers, as this can be a little off putting.

Not editing your posts properly

As soon as you’ve written a post, you likely just want to publish it, but doing so without thoroughly editing it will be a mistake. If you’ve taken the time to write a really great post, you should at least give yourself 10-15 minutes to edit and check it…then check it again. There’s nothing worse than seeing a piece of online content full of errors and mistakes that could have easily been drafted out in the editing process. This is a sure fire way to lose credibility and readers fast.

Not being yourself

Your blog is your chance to get your personality across to a wide audience, and if you’re not being yourself whilst writing, you’re really missing out on this unique opportunity. Aim to inject life and personality into your posts to connect with your readers further, and so that your readers will soon recognise your unique author’s voice.

Also try to avoid excess of blog advertising. Instead, go for relevant formats of blog advertising that can add value to your readership.


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