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If you are setting up your business or are an individual who needs a personal interest website, then you will sooner or later need to consider what to name your domain.  With the choice of catchy names becoming more limited every year, it’s necessary to become quite inventive and creative when making this important decision for your online presence. Here are some ideas to make this task a little easier.

Read what other people are writing about

Check out respected blogs and articles about domain names, to find out the latest developments and see how other businesses and individuals source theirs.  There are forums on the internet which are devoted to discussion about domains and step by step guidance on how to find the best domain names.

Experts in the sector of domain names make money by buying and selling domains, so they know which ones are worth having and which are not.  Also watch video logs made by professionals in the domain name field and check out commentaries posted on YouTube for sources of advice and information. Reading interviews with professional bloggers who talk about domains and present latest updates, is also a good way to keep up to date with developments and ideas.

Another linked way to get plenty of good advice and ideas is to read the comments associated with blogs on domain names, as quite often the people posting have gone through your situation themselves and can save you time and money by sharing their experiences.

Use a category from a business directory

Go through the pages of hard copy business directories which are relevant to your business or interest and see if there are domain names available using category headings.  You can tailor the category name by adding your business name, or geographical location.

For example if you sell clothing, add ’fashion’ to your name or trading area, or if you are in catering, add ‘restaurant’ if appropriate.  That way, people know instantly from your name what you do, rather than seeing a name on search engine listings or online adverts, but not having a clue what your business represents.

Ask your webhost for guidance

The company hosting your website should have a friendly and informative customer support department who can advise on the best types of domain names for your business sector.  It’s in their interests for you to have a really successful domain, since that helps to ensure the longevity of your website and this naturally benefits them too.  Good webhosts have an attentive customer care team, who are trained in advising people how to go about choosing the perfect domain name.  They can also point you in the right direction if you need further information.

Watch your competitors and established companies

It’s possible to learn a lot from competitors and also companies which have been around a while and use their names to best effect.  Identify the features of their domain names, which are largely simple and easy to remember, and try to copy their strategy.





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