A Modern Office Keeps Staff Motivated


Although you may want to try to keep your costs down rather than purchase new, modern equipment with the notion that the current equipment “works just fine” you may want to reconsider. Although you may feel like you are saving money, you are actually losing opportunities to earn more and keep your staff motivated at the same time. The old adage, “It takes money to earn money” holds true.

That old phone may receive calls just fine, but what if the person on the other end wants to send a fax while still on the line with your staff? If your phone is on the dedicated line, you cannot receive the fax at the same time the call is connected, which will slow down the process of doing business and the potential for income may be reduced. One, that caller may never call again because of the frustration, and two, your staff may feel a wee bit embarrassed at how backward their office is.

Go ahead and take a chance with new technology. You will be able to perform business transactions faster and keep up with the other modern offices, too. Your staff will feel more motivated to perform their tasks due to the ease of doing business. A slow computer may work, but the wasted time doesn’t. Invest in your office by keeping it modern with state of the art equipment that allows you to work better, faster, and smarter.

While you are acquiring the most recent improvements in technology, take the time to invest in your office electrical power so that everything functions at its best. Your staff will thank you when they don’t have to deal with power outages or have to unplug one machine to operate another. It’s the little things that make their workability more satisfying that keep them motivated to help you succeed.

Ask your staff what they really need to operate at their best in your office. They are the ones doing the tasks to help you succeed so it makes sense that they will know what is needed for better operation and function within your office. Take heed to what they tell you and follow through with their suggestions. They will steer you in the right direction to how to improve your business success and they will stay motivated and loyal to you as you show faith and loyalty to them.



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