9 Reasons Why You Should Throw Away Your Old Cash Register


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Let’s face it: cash registers are slowly, but surely, becoming a thing of the past. Just walk in a few stores in your town and you will see that, mostly, their cash registers have already been replaced with a system which does a much better job and has many wider functionality. The mega and supermarkets have been among the first to implement this kind of charging and keeping track of the inventory.

This kind of system is called the point of sale (POS) system and has been around for quite a while. With the wide availability of the Internet, these systems have grown in strength and are now seriously threatening the position of the cash registers in the retail world.

Here are the top reasons why you should get a POS system, instead of a cash register, for your store.

1. Simplification of accounting systems and the accounting process – With the old-fashioned cash register, you would have to hire an accountant who would have to spend a lot of time going through each receipt and sorting it out. The POS system allows utilization of the built-in reports which are ready-to-use and will definitely save you the money that you would use to hire the accountant.

2. Overall inventory management – The cash registers do not have any ability to track the current state of the inventory. On the other hand, with this system, those who own a store will be able to keep track of their inventory and make sure that they never run out of their best sellers.

3. Past transactions look-up – If you would want to look up what have you sold on a specific date on a cash register, you would have to go through a painful process of checking the receipts once again (a lot of papers). With the POS, all you have to do is make a check-up, and the report will readily come up for you on the screen or in the printed form.

4. Purchase order automation – If you own a store, you do not have to only sell, but you have to acquire, as well. This system will enable you to create purchase orders on-the-fly, without taking the extra ordering step. Also, it is possible to make the system order the hottest articles regularly, so that you never run out of them.

5. Easier to operate on – The modern generation of people stepping into the workforce are more comfortable with modern devices than with old-fashioned cash registers. This is a generation that is not used to living without computers and everything that has too many buttons will be quite confusing for them.

6. Faster service – This system provides a much faster service than with the cash register. Since the machines that power the POS system are faster than those that power the registers, every step of the payment and issuing receipts process is really speeding up.

7. Better service – Every customer will be more satisfied when they receive a receipt which informs them thoroughly of the purchase that they have just made. The POS system enables such receipts to be given out to customers because it is directly connected to the inventory of the store. The cash registers are usually able to provide the customers with only the date and the amount of purchase.

8. Real-time inventory – The POS enables to keep track of the inventory in real time and to avoid having to count by hand. At any time, you can just hit two buttons and get a report of what you currently have in your stock. This makes the things like settling the inventory at the end of the day much easier.

9. Repair is easier – If you wish to repair a cash register, you will find that the number of repairmen for them is getting lower every day. This will make it much more difficult to find a quality service man and he will probably charge a lot for the job. On the other hand, POS systems’ servicemen are much easier to find and, since there are so many of them, the repairs are quite cheaper.


As I said at the beginning, the cash registers are giving way to these improved systems. You can see many retail stores, mega and supermarkets and general stores that employ such systems. You should definitely follow in their example, because these systems make life of a store owner much easier.


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