8 Tips for Making Your Office more Efficient and Productive


If you want to start this new year on a high note and do something to boost your business, a good place to start is your office. Whether you work in a commercial space or from the comfort of your home, there are always some design and organizing improvements that can increase efficiency and productivity in your office. Here are just some of the easiest and most effective tips for improving your work environment.

Boost the natural light

There are many scientific proofs that natural light has beneficial effects on human productivity, motivation, mood and overall health. So, try to maximize the light that comes into your office space. Sunshine will make you and your employees energized and ready to tackle any work problems.

Stop the freeze

Many people often complain that their offices are kept too cold. So, if you want to be more productive and efficient at work, make sure to stop wasting time talking about how cold you are and set your thermostat higher. Researchers came to the conclusion that the best work temperature is 22 Celsius or 71.6 Fahrenheit. This temperature will keep all your energy focused on your tasks instead of wasting it on keeping yourself warm.

Invest in good furniture

Since people who work in an office spend most of their time seated, it’s important to stay comfortable and pain-free. Ergonomic chairs and desks will not only make long work hours more bearable, but they will keep you focused on the task at hand and make you more productive. Also, if you experience frequent back and neck pain, give standing desks a try.

The room with a view

Even though it might sound contradictory, having a relaxing view of nature from a desk can actually boost workers’ productivity and make them more focused on their tasks. So, if possible, position furniture to provide a nice view from the office. If that’s not an option for you, settle for a plant. It will have a similar effect, plus it will filter air and provide a pop of color to the space.

Stay organized

Organizing the office is probably one of the most important ways of boosting productivity and efficiency. However, getting piles of documents, folders and office supplies in line is not an easy task. Maximize storage by getting filing cabinets, baskets, containers and binders that will keep desktops tidy and your documents organized. Investing in a good label maker is also a good idea. Labeling everything will help everyone in the office find exactly what they need on their first try. Just make sure to stock up on Dymo tapes and you’ll always be ready to improve your labeling system.

Clear your computer

Since most of work today is conducted in a digital environment, make organizing and cleaning your computer a priority. Too many piled up images, videos, documents and programs will not only make getting around your desktop quite hard, but they will also slow down your computer. So, in order to minimize the search time and maximize the functionality and work life on your hardware, make sure to clean it regularly. Delete all outdated emails and documents, and save only things you know you and your colleagues will need.

Minimize distractions

If your colleagues or household members often feel chatty when you’re working, try to minimize distractions with good office insulation or a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones. This will keep noise levels at minimum and help you focus.

Adults only

If you work from home, your office should be a kid-free zone. It might sound cruel, but there’s no way you can properly concentrate with your kids running around your desk. Also, you can get into a lot of trouble if your children tear or draw on your important documents. Instead, reserve your office for adults only, and make sure to spend enough quality time with your kids once you finish your work.

Let 2018 be the most prosperous and productive year for you and your business with these practical office design tips. Boost effectiveness and productivity, and reap the financial, physical and mental benefits.

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