6 SEO Must-Haves for Startups


Search Engine Optimization can be a daunting prospect for any startup, especially when you’re more focused on your business idea itself and perhaps less enthused about the nitty-gritty of your marketing campaigns. No matter your feelings towards SEO, what matters is knowing how important SEO is to your startup, and how to implement it best.

  1. Tailored Keywords

SEO relies heavily on the keywords you want to promote and use to drive traffic to your business content. Keyword research is going to be extremely helpful at the very beginning so that you can develop a list of key phrases which are going to best help your business to be found in the right way.

  1. A Target Market in Mind

SEO will be much more effective when you know who you’re planning content for. Not only that, but getting to know your target audience better means that you can understand their behaviour when it comes to using search engines (such as what search terms they may be typing, or how they search for certain products or services).

Naturally, your target market for SEO is going to be the same for your business target market, but this can always be altered based on individual content. For example, your target market may be a certain age group, but perhaps a certain piece of content for SEO purposes may tailor to a certain gender or need within that age group.

  1. An SEO Strategy

SEO needs careful implementation and planning, with a strategy that changes all the time. Therefore, setting time aside to develop your SEO plan is a must. SEO may need to be tailored for every piece of content you produce, so individual keyword planning and optimization for everything you do is something which needs to be planned accordingly ahead of time.

  1. Professional Support

Expert advice and support from SEO and marketing companies can be extremely beneficial for any startup, especially those with limited marketing experience or those who don’t have the time to implement an SEO strategy themselves. Even if you do have time, professional guidance is only going to be a benefit. Not only that, but experts can help with specific types of SEO, like SaaS SEO, for those businesses who need to promote a certain kind of product or service.

  1. Analytics Data

This is a crucial one, as you can’t hope to learn what’s working and what isn’t without the relevant data to show for it. Analytics data will keep you informed about how your keywords and SEO tactics are performing, and what you might need to change for better success. Analytics data will also keep you updated regarding most popular keywords, landing pages, traffic and more.

All of this is crucial for startup businesses which are learning and growing.

  1. Natural Tone and Flow

In SEO, it’s important to push those all-important keywords and phrases, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of enjoyable content. Your keywords and SEO techniques should always be implemented naturally and not draw attention to themselves, so that your target market can always enjoy your content without jarring keywords.

Not only that, but keywords which have been unnecessarily crammed in can be flagged as spam-like content, which search engines will not react positively to.

These 6 must-haves will get your marketing strategy off to a great start


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