6 Career Paths an MBA Can Take You On


If you’re getting an MBA, there are many options that open up. No matter what type of job you’re looking for, having a MBA will give you the extra boost you need to head to the top of the pile of resumes. In addition, through your education, you’ll get some real experience that’ll help you in your new position.



While in general, you’re not going to be offered a CEO position right out of college, it’s possible. More companies are looking for fresh ideas and interesting takes on traditional problems. Because of this, some companies are even looking at new college graduates for these positions. The thinking is that someone who has just gone through the training can be an effective CEO with just a little on the job training.

However, it’s important to realize that many people want these positions. You may have to work your way up the corporate ladder to get to the big corner office. Luckily, with your training, you’ll still be able to make becoming a CEO one of your career goals and it’ll be an achievable goal.

Marketing Manager

Every company needs to ensure they have great marketing. The marketing manager works with a number of departments to ensure the company’s marketing plan is in place and effective. To be a marketing manager, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable working with many people. It’s likely you’ll be working with the sales department, financial department, and more. A MBA can help you analyze the cost of the marketing package the company needs. It’ll also help you manage your team more effectively.

HR Specialist

Are you interested in working with people regularly? An HR specialist is in charge of working with a number of people, including both new hires and people who have been in the company for several years. Employee productivity, training, and more all depend on the HR department. Because of this, a company can rise or fall depending on the assets it has in the Human Resources department. With an MBA, you’ll learn the ins and outs of ensuring employee productivity, how to work with subordinates, and more. These skills will aid you in your career in Human Resources.

Financial Analyst

Did you know that even the United States government hires those with a MBA for a number of positions? One of the positions that requires a MBA is the financial analyst position within the CIA. This is because your training in both financial and business matters come together to give you the skills you need for this position. Some schools allow you to specialize in a Public Policy joint degree program. This will give you an even better opportunity to work within the government.

Financial Analysts are important in other types of businesses as well. If you love working with numbers and making projections based on the information you find, this is a great career option. Financial analysts are needed in corporations, small companies, and even non-profit organizations.

Be Your Own Boss

After getting your degree, you may decide that it’s time to start your own business. Once you’ve gone through the training and education, you know more about the ins and outs of how a company works. Because of this, you’ll feel more confident in running your own business. No matter what type of business you’re interested in running, having the MBA behind you gives you the extra leverage you need to get your company going and keep it running well.

IT Manager

If your interests come together in financial, business, and technology, you should look into IT manager positions. You’ll need to have great analytical skills and it’s usually best to have some technical experience, as well. As you understand each aspect of the company, you’ll make a big splash as the IT manager.

There are limitless options you have once you get a MBA. The degree will help keep you moving forward in your professional life.


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