5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Benefit Your Customers


New technology has changed the way businesses and customers interact. Leveraging new technology can help you improve customer communication, help you manage customer relationships, help you deliver a personalized customer experience, help you automate customer service, and can even help you develop new products and services.

Here, we’ll cover 5 ways you can leverage technology to benefit your customers (and your business).

  1. Streamline Communication

Communication with customers is as important as ever. With so many online options available for consumers you need to ensure your service stands apart from the rest. That starts with clear communication.

Maintaining consistent, reliable communication is an easy way to let your customers know they matter. What’s more, it helps your customers get the answers they need, providing a more satisfying experience.

Technology allows you to streamline communication and improve customer satisfaction. From email, to phone calls, to live video conference, to instant chat channels—there are numerous ways you can leverage technology to improve your customer communication.

  1. Manage Customer Relations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables your business to organize and automate every aspect of customer interaction—from answering questions, to handling issues, to selling your products and services. Leveraging this technology helps your business improve customer relations, increase revenue, and maximize customer retention.

That’s because CRM software enables you to provide hyper-focused, personalized service to each customer without having to dedicate the time, energy, and effort required to provide this level of service by hand.

CRM helps you understand your customer, their needs, and their behavior. This allows your business to focus on the aspects of customer relations that benefit your clients and maximize your business potential.

  1. Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine learning, allows your business to deliver personalized customer experiences. Every client that visits your site has unique characteristics, expectations, and desired outcomes. Using algorithms to gain insight from data troves, AI identifies and learns from patterns to help your business deliver relevant, personalized experiences for each of your customers.

Personalized product and service experiences greatly benefit your customers. Every time a client uses your service, their experience becomes more personalized and more relevant. These experiences reinforce continued use which improves the accuracy of each personalized experience.

  1. Automate Customer Service

Customer service involves many processes that take up valuable company time and resources, processes like taking payments, taking returns, answering questions, and providing basic information. Business technology enables you to automate many of these time and resources consuming services and focus on providing an encompassing customer experience.

Let’s face it, these days customers like to help themselves. They don’t want to be interrupted by staff, they want to find products and information on their own. Automated customer service enables clients to find the info they need quickly and independently.

Intuitive page design, a thorough FAQ section, chatbots, easy to understand return services, appointment scheduling software and other automated features enable customers to help themselves, improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Develop New Features and Services

Every customer interaction produces data. Mining that data enables your business to develop new features, new support offerings, and even new products and services. Using analytic tools your business can anticipate the needs and desires of your customer base. This allows you to develop new offerings that benefit your customers and increase your business potential.

Every time a customer visits your website, abandons a cart, finishes a purchase, or makes a return they are telling you about your business. Technology enables you to leverage this data to provide better customer service, offer relevant products and services, and develop new features and offerings.

Put Technology to Work for You

Leveraging business technology allows you to improve your customer service, customer interaction, and customer management. It helps you provide personalized service that meets the needs of your customer base. What’s more, it can help you identify what aspects of your business work, what aspects of your business can be expanded, and what aspects of your business hinder customer satisfaction.

Business technology isn’t’ just for large businesses—it can help small and medium sized businesses as well. Put business tech to work for you today to see how it can improve your business operations and benefit your customers.

Author Bio:

Gary Anderson is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience writing for various technology companies, such as Qless, he is an accomplished and published writer and editor. In his free time, he enjoys gardening.


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