5 Software Training Tips for New Employees


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If you run a successful company, you are not going to be able to keep it running smoothly without having some kind of software. That’s because in this day and age, virtually all industries need computers to function and software is what helps businesses to operate on an optimal level.

Of course, when you hire new staff, you are going to need to allot a certain period of time for them to be acclimated to your system; that usually requires them getting a bit of software training. For the sake of saving time (and quite possibly, even a bit of money) so that they can get to working just as soon as possible, we have enclosed five tips for how to train your new employees quickly and effectively below:

Prepare the workplace for training. There’s a pretty good chance that some of your current staff could use a refresher course or could stand to learn some new software. So something that you might want to do is use the new employee training time as an opportunity for other staff members to take part in a bit of training as well. If you have your employees devote an hour or so a day for about a week, that could actually cause your office to run more efficiently. Plus, you can use them to provide assistance to the new employees as they train on an as-need basis.

Get clarity on what they can already do. One of the main reasons why there are questions concerning software proficiency on job applications and also during interviews is so you can get a feel for how much a potential candidate already knows. However, even once they are hired, it doesn’t hurt to give them a “dry run test” with certain kinds of software just to see how much (more) you will need to teach them.

Have a limited amount of on-site training. Although, on some levels, on-site training can be convenient because you can know that everyone is in one place and focused on their training, unless you have a lot of space in your office, it can also be a bit of a distraction for the rest of your staff members. For this reason, our recommendation is that you offer a few on-site training classes, preferably during everyone else’s lunch hour or for a couple of hours after work when things are quieter.

Offer online training. Thanks to services such as the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 boot camp and Countrywide Training, you can actually offer online training to your new employees. Two great benefits that come with having this kind of option is that one, they can learn in a short amount of time (many are 30-day programs) and two, they can take these classes at work or they can even do them at home.

Be patient with the process. It’s to be expected that while you’re training new employees, your office is going to slow down just a bit but it’s better to thoroughly train them now than to miss some steps and they make mistakes in the future. Therefore, make a point to be patient with the process. If you train them right the first time, it will be worth it, for everyone, in the long run.



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