5 Picture-Perfect Packaging Tips: Send Your Stuff in Style


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Sending a package in the mail, whether as business correspondence or as a personal gift, can be a creative process. Whether you’re mailing a surprise greeting or an item from an online store like EBay or Etsy, your recipient is bound to be pleased. If your small business frequently sends items in the mail, packaging is part of your brand. When your buyers receive something in the mail from you, all it takes is a small personalized touch to make your brand stand out. Remember that a more personal touch can help you create loyal customers. Here are five fast ways to ensure that the recipient of your packages is delighted.

Sometimes Books Are Judged by Their Covers

When a package arrives in the mail, your recipient can’t help but respond to its first impression. Did your package come in a humble manila envelope — one they’re likely to toss out with the trash? Or, did your package arrive in an envelope with an enticing extra element? The extra element could be a well-placed sticker, some calligraphy or a design made from rubber stamps. Some senders may choose to write an inspiring quote on the package or a simple thank-you message. There is psychology to packaging — this is well-known by the world’s top companies. Your small business can benefit from the same process.

Use Customized Postal Stamps

Postage is a necessity, but it can also be pretty. Custom postal stamps are a unique way to embellish your package’s design and add a personalized touch. You can design custom stamps to feature anything from family photos to business logos. They work just the same way regular postage stamps work, but pack a memorable punch. The stamps are attractive and make the façade of your package “pop.” There’s no end to how creative you can get with the design; you can even create the custom stamps as part of a theme for an event, a sale or a current promotional offer.

Harness the Power of Surprise

The element of surprise increases excitement and engages a person’s memory. In other words, surprises are not easily forgotten. To add a positive element of surprise to your package, include an “unexpected treat.” This can be anything from a handful of confetti to a few pieces of candy. If you’re running a small business, your “surprise” element can be an “extra” gift your recipient was not expecting. For example, if you sell bead earrings over the Internet, consider including a few extra beads just for fun. If you sell books online, include a free decorative bookmark or something related to your inventory.

Pay Attention to Detail

It’s true that people notice details. Whether they know it or not, they naturally notice event the smallest element of your packaging. When sending a package, pay attention to details such as your handwriting, your labeling and the postage’s appearance. You can also tend to detail by adding a sensory element to your package, such as a gentle aroma. Details also include the intangible aspects of sending your package — such as its timeliness. A belated birthday gift is great, but not as delightful as one arriving on time. The same goes for selling your inventory online. Your customers expect to receive their purchases in a timely manner.

Be Inviting

Include a creative, inviting element in your package. You can enclose a business card so your customers can easily reach you, and a card describing a special deal for repeat customers. Invite your recipient to contact you again and they will be more likely to do so. A simple note of thanks encouraging your customer to give you a call or visit your website is sufficient.



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