4 Unique Branding Ideas for Offline Businesses


In the modern business world, traditional marketing is not enough to take your product or service to the next level. The truth is, whether you are trying to promote on or offline, the advertising world has become almost entirely saturated. It’s not that traditional marketing has become completely obsolete or even that it has lost its efficacy, but it has become much more difficult to get results that justify the investment.

On the other hand, the sheer fact that the advertising realm has become overpopulated bodes well for business owners who are willing to think outside the box.   Even the best advertising in the world can’t compete with genuine word of mouth exposure. When you have a product or service that is exceptional and unique or that truly stands out, most of the advertising footwork will be done by the consumer. But, in order for this to be effective, the consumer must be aware of your business and the brand must be firmly attached to the product or service in the consumer’s mind.   In the modern business world, getting creative with advertising and branding can be the difference between mild success and massive success. If you know that your product or service is excellent and that the consumer response well to it, all you need to reach critical mass is to find the right out-of-the-box approach. This means taking the time to try new ideas with a willingness to fail, to learn from the failures and to try even more new ideas. Keeping your company’s future success in mind should be a strong enough motivator to keep new ideas flowing. Study other companies that have gone down similar roads. Try to discover the methods that have worked and figure out what made them work at the time.

There are literally an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to branding. However, a blank canvas can be daunting. Here are a handful of ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Custom Branded Items and Accessories – One of the most effective methods of branding is the tried and true branded merchandise approach. Attaching your brand to shopping bags or other items and merchandise, used on a daily basis, is a way to turn every consumer into a billboard for your company.
2. The Business Card that Works for You – If you’re going to be handing out business cards, why not add something extra to them to kill two birds with one stone? Including an irresistible offer, coupled with a call to action, will transform your business card into something much more. Why not give people a reason to do something with your card, instead of filing it away in a rolodex where it will never be seen again?
3. Create a Website and Blog Daily – Build that internet community! Even if your product or service is offered in a strictly offline sense, your customers are still going to spend most of their time online. So why not give them something to read that will draw their attention to your business? A daily blog serves a number of purposes. For one, it allows your website to rank on search engines for a large variety of search terms. If you keep the blogs relevant to your product or services then the people who read them will be more likely to become a customer or client. The more you blog, the better you will get at it. Before long, you might be surprised to find out that people are sharing your blog posts around. Now, what paid advertising beats that kind of exposure? On the same token, make sure to use Facebook to your advantage. A Facebook business page for your business will prove extremely effective – especially in conjunction with your blog.

4. Customer Loyalty Program – Here’s a gem that has been done again and again with great success. There’s a reason why some ideas are re-used repeatedly, and this one is no exception. Give your customers a solid reason to come back and another reason to tell their friends about you. Loyalty rewards and referral rewards are just the tip of the iceberg.


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