30 Creative Instagram Content Ideas To Restore Engagement Level


Instagram is a great social platform for every business. It is free, easy to learn, and the most used social platform recently. Visual contents are the king since it is an absolute image-video sharing channel.

Where can you upload on the platform?

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • Instagram TV
  • Instagram Post

Here are the 30 content ideas for businesses and brands on Instagram to grow more engagements and conversions.

Before uploading content, you want to decide two things:

  • Make your theme concept
  • Make your brand templates

Branding Ideas

     Introduce Your Business Or Brand:

If you need your audience to know more about your brand or business, introducing yourself is an excellent move for it. Don’t go for direct selling as more people nowadays learn more about a brand or business before supporting. So, bring the first impression with catchy introductions.

     Buildup Your Brand

Don’t say everything about your new products. Create a teaser, trailer, or preview to grow the hype, curiosity, and excitement to your audience.

     Display Your First product

Now you are ready to post your first product after growing the hype about your products. Begin with a bang. Creativity is a must thing on social media, especially on Instagram.

     Display More Products

There are vast distractions in the online world. So, you need to put in a great effort to maintain the interactions. Using creativity, display your products on your Instagram profile. If your product looks more interesting, the audience will go for purchasing them.

     Highlight Stories

You can highlight your stories and categorize them on Instagram. Also, you can provide them a cover image. Use icons, texts, color code, and images for every category. So, the audience can identify quickly and get every category to re-watch it.

Interaction Ideas

     Acknowledge Your Consumers

Appreciate your followers or consumers every time to purchase your products and the interactions approaching your brand. Has your promo gone more prosperous than you thought? Did you receive more likes and followers already? Thank them.

     Repost Feedback And User Contents

Showcase that you are happier in receiving positive comments to your posts. Show them on your Instagram profile. Display how your customers are adopting your products, and also they can make others purchase too.

     Bring a Personal Touch

If there is any personalized touch about your product, showcase it on your Instagram profiles. For instance, your customers are likely to acquire extra items with their names labeled on them or to receive dedicated letters on patronizing products.

     Run a Giveaway Or a Contest

Give the audience a great chance to win products in exchange for interaction and engagement with your brand. Ask your audience to like, comment, follow, use hashtags, tag others or repost. It helps to gain brand awareness and a great way to thank your customers.

     Hit Curious Questions

Hit questions through captions, images, or video content. You can also use stories on Instagram and its features like emoji slider, question sticker, and poll sticker.

     Bring Out Some Gamify

Upload interesting and gamified content. If you could post gamify content relevant to your products, then you can upload it on Instagram. It’s one of the perfect ways to bring out more engagements.

Partnership Ideas

     Showcase The Community Involvement

Tell the platform about your brand-involved community. It could be an excellent edge for your competitors. In recent days, audiences are appreciating organizations that take place in a precise movement.

     Join Hands With Influencers

Nowadays, Influencers are more hype than celebrities. Pick your right influencer to promote your services or products. Either repost the content from your influencer or upload it on your account directly.

     Cross Promotion

Partner officially with other businesses or brands. Or mention them in your post captions about their services or products. It’s a great impression for your brand. You can get more potential fans from other brands.

     Attend Events

There are a lot of things happening outside your brand or business. Don’t stay away; join events where your brand fits perfectly. You can acquire more followers and customers from the great event itself.

Announcement/Update Ideas

     Bring Frequent Updates

Are you going to dispatch five products tomorrow? Get Readying for a presentation or shipping? That can be PowerPoint slides or content image packages products. You need to upload visually appealing and exciting posts on Instagram.

     Bring Big Announcements

Do you acquire big promos or new collections? Uploading this Infos on Instagram leads to be recognized and known by a vast audience. Here, remember the word “big,” forget the word “simple.” Make big announcements – the more creativity in presentation gains go a long way.

     Use Holiday Posts Or Greeting

Remember the day or season. Is it social media day today or no shave November month? Create exciting posts and upload them on Instagram. Impress your fans most.

     Let Audience Know Your Team

Let every person get to know who is behind the success of your brand or business. Do transparent. Express the personality of your team and how they work.

     Share BTS(Behind The Scenes)

Share your cooking, product manufacturing ideas on Instagram. Many companies on the platform use the stories feature for the behind-the-scenes post. You may use Live and IGTV too.

     Be Proud

Share your milestones of business. It’s a perfect way to increase customer’s trust in your business or brand. If it is superb, upload it.

     Give FAQs

Giving FAQs as highlighted stories on the platform is a natural practice, primarily for small businesses. It’s always great to provide FAQs on your profile, so they don’t need to go anywhere to get the answer to their questions.

Inspiration Ideas And Tips


It will be boring to peg for content like in traditional marketing. It is not on social media. This content idea is like a follower’s interest building in the particular topic relevant to your brand or business.

     Share Useful Tips

Also, you can create helpful tips and quick tutorial video content rather than uploading pegs or inspirations. For instance, if you are in the food industry, making cooking tutorials, serving content would be great. Remember, you can customize your cover images related to the topics if you use Instagram TV.

     Provide Related Quotes

You can share your profile on your profile if you see sayings or quotes relevant to your brand or business. Many businesses upload quotes as their marketing strategy.

Reels Content

     Talking Head Clip

You no need to have stunning dance steps, unique office backgrounds to bring out an impact on Instagram reels. The only point you want to provide is simple access to your content. Make a short-term video content about 15-seconds sharing a helpful tip, attach some attractive texts, and you are now complete. Fun effects and music are optional.

     “Yes, No” Song

Get the audio below the Music option while creating a reel and give solutions to any six yes/no questions on your business, yourself, or everyday things in your industry.

You will shake your head(yes or no) for every segment and bring out the question points as captions.

     Upload a #Selfie

Your Instagram reels don’t need to be 24/7 business. Use these short-term video contents to show up your personality and bring your fans to check out into your life. A bookshelf is a great way to bring this out. Make a reel with the books that changed your life, which had the most significant impact on your reading list or business.

Tip: Are you wondering how to increase Instagram reel’s views; here is the simplest way of asking your audience to check out your new reels through posting stories. It leads to more engagement with your reels on Instagram and asks your viewers to tell about their favorite things in the comment section to gain more engagement.

     Day Outfit

Make an Instagram reel showcasing your outfit. It’s a perfect way to bring personality, show your outfits that feel like a boss, and sometimes leave the educational contents.

     Show Off Your Products

Are you launching new products next month? Show off one by one through reels.

Instagram reels are a great way to reach more people on the platform where you can create awareness of your new products.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.



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