3 Great Social Media Campaigns of 2016


1.Deadpool Social Marketing Campaign

Until the months leading up to the release the deadpool movie, many may not have recognised foul-mouthed superhero named deadpool and played by Ryan Reynold’s. However after a great yet over the top marketing campaign, Deadpool became one of the biggest movies of the year.

Deadpool marketing campaign

The social media campaigns and the content both traditional and Digital were just as obscene and funny if you like that dark crass sense of humour portrayed by the character and movie. As a result a cult following across all social media channels was formed ensuring the for adults only superhero was well received.

The social media campaign was a great advert of just how powerful and successful a well-structured social media campaign can be especially if the content engages with the audience.

Deadpool marketing campaign

The marketing tools employed included unpleasant billboards, to comical teasers, trailers and TV ads. On social media custom character-inspired emoji’s were created allowing users to further engage?

An engaging social story was created allowing fans to follow. The marketing team created various marketing tools including hilarious short videos which were then published across multiple social media channels. This engaged with current fans but also drove up interest in the character from those unfamiliar but intrigued by the hilarious yet rude images of the character that were visible through all the major marketing channels. This social media campaign proved to be one of the most entertaining and successful campaigns of 2016.

Deadpool marketing campaign



2. Emirates: Show Don’t Tell

The Emirates marketing campaign was a stroke of genius in its drive to encourage people to buy a first class ticket on their airlines. So how do you encourage people to shell out the cost of 21K? Simple, have someone famous share their experiences who customers can identify with. The marketing campaign aimed to break into the American Market which is not easy for a foreign airline of Middle Eastern origins. So how would you go about making people want to fly with you just because they would want to? Take into consideration all the other airlines on offer. Having a great plane, great customer service and a luxury environment are not enough. The Emirates brand marketing team knew they had to show their audience what really makes them different. The familiar face of Jennifer Aniston to influence their brand was the cornerstone of their marketing campaign. Jenifer was a great ambassador for the all American passenger. Making her way across the plane, the advert ensure you get a good view of all the main features of the plane whilst also emphasising the comfort of the economy cabin where she decides to stay.

Best 2016 marketing campaigns

Best 2016 marketing campaigns


Emirates were constantly active on social media posting video of key destinations, their planes, key personas, offers and deals. With Jenifer Aniston a well-known and popular celebrity use to travelling in style, the Campaign truly captured the luxury on travelling with Emirates whilst appealing to various buying personas.

3.  ShareYourEars – Make-A-Wish Foundation & Disney

The share your ears social media campaign saw The make a wish foundation and Disney partner together to invite audiences to share images of their Mickey mouse ears on Twitter and Instagram. With the Hashtag# #ShareYourEars The campaign was to driven to help transform children’s lives whilst giving children the opportunity to win great prizes including trips to Disney by simply uploading pics of your ears which unlocked a $5 donation from Disney to the foundation.  The campaign was a huge success seeing Disney donate $2 million to the make a wish foundation. The social media marketing campaign displayed their social media entries on their website using Tint to help drive audience engagement and boost campaign awareness.

Best 2016 marketing campaigns

Best 2016 marketing campaigns

See the campaign here.

This social media campaign was just another example of the power of social media in driving user engagement.




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