3 cheap and easy ways to make your business greener


As the world becomes more progressive in sustainable energies and more focused on zero waste, more and more people are getting picky about how they choose a product and a business. The list that makes you a good company is getting longer, and it’s easy to lose a customer’s trust.

A lot of people are now looking for environmentally friendly businesses, businesses that use sustainable energy, or are vegan. These demands are difficult to appease, and can be very expensive to organize and pay for. It may also be a struggle to maintain preferred products and lose customer interest due to changes for the better.

So, how can we make our businesses more environmentally friendly in cheaper ways, to get our businesses heading in the right direction and help prepare them for the future. Read on the lowdown on a couple of good starting points, before you transition into longer-term investments, to keep customer interest active and remain a trusted brand among your customers!

# 1- Source your ingredients and materials wisely

This one is a big one. Getting your packaging materials from responsible sources can not only benefit the quality of your product, but it can also create good and strong business ties with other sustainable businesses. This will instantly put your business in a good light and will help your brand identity be seen as a reliable one.

# 2- Get knowledgeable about your recycling!

Recycling: we usually just put our paper in one bin and our non-recyclables in another. But have we really looked into it properly? Boasting that you are a 10% waste output company could help you put your business on the map, so to speak. You can easily do this through compacting and baling your recycling using baler services. These are people who supply equipment and machinery to help you recycle more efficiently and for better prices.

# 3- Move away from battery-powered appliances

Batteries are a massive waste of materials. It’s so much better to get rechargeable appliances to help your business get along better. Not only do these last longer, but they also help shrink your carbon footprint, especially if the energy you work off of is already sustainable. It also stops you from needing to hunt around for batteries that actually work, so it’s easier to keep on working. This also shrinks your waste output, and making the switch is generally so much cheaper, too!

It’s so easy to switch to a more sustainable way of working. Try to work off of electricity as much as you can and try and aim for a little to no waste company. Not only will this help keep existing customers loyal, but will help your advertising to reach wider audiences. Being seen as a ‘green’ company is a great benefit to have under your advertising belt. It’s more likely to draw in younger audiences and keeps your business booming for years to come!


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