10 absolute must-haves for your display stand


When setting up a tradeshow, there are a number of things that can be included or done to ensure it is a success. Your booth will just be one in a sea of many and standing out and attracting a crowd is easier said than done but you can boost your efforts and hard work by following these tips:

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1. Freebies

It may be a little pitiful, but we all love free goodies and if you have the income for it, why not offer them? However, thought needs to go into what you offer because these products are promotional and should align with what your business and brand is all about. If the overall quality of the products are lacking then they are hindering the progress of your brand. If it is done right however, the audience walking away with your merchandise are likely to show interest.

2. Banners and display

A no brainer but a part of planning where the most time and money should be invested in. You are one amongst many and so investing in the best display stands, booth and banners can mean the difference between being sought out and being walked by. Professional banners which should display your logo should be big and clear enough to be seen down the aisle. They should encourage the customers.

3. The best staff

Training your team is essential and they should be naturally engaging and professional. Your staff need to have a genuine interest in what your business is about and should possess the knowledge of all your products as well as their benefits to be able to effectively present them to your target audience in a limited amount of time.

4. Early planning

This should be done month s in advance. Set out your goals and prep everyone involved. Know what products you want to promote as well as organising your display and service details. A pre-show meeting is ideal and take time to seek advice and help from the management and marketing departments.

5. Business cards

Very typical but also essential, business cards are a token of interest when handed to customers. Remember that all the other businesses will also be handing out business cards, so thought needs to go into producing yours. The card needs to stand out and promote your unique selling point.

 6. A mini camera

It doesn’t hurt to keep a visual reminder of your exhibition. Gather feedback too. Watching back on what you did can be extremely helpful as a tool for developing your exhibition skills. Learn from experience and build on successes.

 7. Personal items

This won’t cross the minds of many but it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Comfortable clothing and shoes mean you can stand up for longer. Bottled water will keep you hydrated and sustain your throat during all that talking. Small and healthy snacks that you can eat on the go will boost energy and not deter you from quality time with your audience.

 8. Early action

Who said that the action begins on the day? There is a likelihood that you already have some existing clients so shoot them a simple email to let them know about the exhibition. Start spreading the word amongst those who are loyal and give them a reason to come by.

 9. Leaflets and brochures

This is an opportunity to give your customers more details about your products and services. Use it whilst you talk to them and give them reasons why they need the products. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure they walk away with a reminder of who you are and what you have to offer.

 10. Lead gathering

Have a process already set out for when you have generated leads. Ensure that all your staff know what to do when they have a lead. They should know what type of follow-up questions to ask as well know how to accurately record and understand a prospective customer’s expectations and concern.

Paige has over three years’ experience with marketing and research as well as experience in business exhibitions. She has worked for several organisations and is currently working for Nomadic Display



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